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  • All the B vitamins in one? Super stoked to have found out about these and after having taken them for five days now can say that we love them and will order again. I like that it’s not just B12. Definitely recommend especially if you’re like me and eat pretty well but want to make sure you’re getting everything you need.

    Daniel Hanley

  • First time in my life my fingernails have grown past my fingertips! Since taking Flamingo Supplements Collagen Gummies I have found that my hair seems to be filling in some and breakage has lessened, my nails are actually growing, and the pain in my hands and ankles has become much less ( so much that I am not needing nearly as much pain medication, especially when I get up, which was always the worst). This is from using 1 bottle as suggested. I hope to have continued improvement and I do recommend this product. ps- the gummies are pleasantly flavored


  • They don't carry yucky gelatin! Yay! These vitamins are really nice, it’s nice to finally find some gummy vitamins that don’t carry gelatin. They are a little sour for my taste, and I pretty much only eat the strawberry ones lol. But they seem to get the job done, and overall I am really glad that this brand is kosher.

    Britney Ortiz