1. Are Flamingo Supplements products FDA approved?

Dietary supplements are not generally never "FDA approved" . Supplements need to be manufactured from an FDA registered manufacturer which all of ours are. 

2. Are Flamingo Supplements products kosher and halal?

Most of our products are kosher certified or kosher friendly as we never use gelatin

3. Are Flamingo Supplements products non-GMO?

Most of our catalog offers non-GMO products. Please see individual product.  

4. What is the shelf life?

Approximately 2 years but please see expiration

5. Are Flamingo Supplements products keto friendly?

No, but they are low in carbs.

6. Do Flamingo Supplements products contain gelatin?

No, our products do not contain gelatin.

7. Are Flamingo Supplements products gluten free?

Yes, our supplements are gluten free.

8. What is your return policy?

We offer a 20-day money back guarantee. Items are eligible for a refund if they are returned within 20- days of receipt, or if the items are defective.