Privacy Policy

Flamingo Supplements, LLC. (to be referred to as Flamingo, Flamingo Supplements, we, our, us, etc.) recognize your, our clients’ privacy for purchasing products through our website. We treat all your personal information which are either stored or gathered by this website with high confidentiality. We promise that these will not be sold to third parties.

Flamingo Supplements requires you to supply your personal information only for the purpose of purchasing our products online which makes it convenient for you. You will also be required to fill out personal information only upon subscribing to our newsletters concerning only updates to our current and upcoming products. 

The Data Collected

Upon visiting the Flamingo Supplements website, we only gather your personal information for the purpose of shipping the products you order from our website. We do not store any other information including IP addresses and credit card details.   

Personal Information and Email Addresses

We, at Flamingo Supplements, highly recognize the confidentiality of all your personal information and email addresses. We will only use this information collected on our site through your orders or inquiries to reach us for news, updates and promotions. Thus, no other unsolicited emails will be sent to you rather than those mentioned. Flamingo Supplements will make all necessary efforts to protect all these information on your behalf.


The website of Flamingo Supplements LLC uses cookies to better serve you upon your return to our website. In these cookies, we can identify which products have you been interested in and which were left on your cart before you hit the checkout button. 

The cookies in our website are not used for any advertisement and behavior-tracking purposes. Moreover, these are not persistent which means that the cookies are automatically deleted from your browsers.  


Flamingo may modify the policies or disclaimers in the website and the clients’ use of the site will determine the possible changes in our policies.